Connect with a Project or Missionary

Join the Bible translation team where you are!

Bible translation is a team effort. Every project faces its challenges and setbacks along the way, and also reaches milestones which are a cause for celebration. When the dedication celebrations finally arrive, those who share the tears of joy pouring down the faces of the Bible translators are the ones who themselves were crying with them through the difficult times.

This is what being part of the story involves. Being one of the people who prayed when progress seemed impossible and challenges seemed insurmountable. Being someone who gave financially so that the community could hear God speak to them in their own language for the first time in history. Being an encourager, sharing kindness and hope when workers were discouraged or weary.

This is why we'd love to introduce you to a person working with Wycliffe (we call them Members), or a specific project, so that you can be involved on an ongoing basis. It’s the best way to really get to know what God’s doing in Bible translation, and to be a part of the celebrations along the way.

It can take years for God's word to be translated, and sometimes the long wait and hard work seem endless. But here's a glimpse of those tears of joy when it finally arrived for the Kimyal people of Papua, Indonesia.