Check IT Out

An event giving you an opportunity to explore how IT, mobile technology and computing roles contribute to Bible translation.

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Advances in technology are having an impact all over the world, not least on the cutting edge of what God is doing in mission worldwide. Developments in mobile technology mean translated Scriptures can now be distributed phone to phone in minority languages, no matter if the scripts are squirly! Translation projects are supported through skype calls with collegues thousands of miles away. Network infrastructure can be built in offices worldwide bringing synergy and speed to the work, allowing translators to use specialised software which is accelerating the pace of translation beyond our wildest dreams.

God's word is rapidly reaching those who have yet to hear it, thanks to IT professionals serving God's mission based both in the UK and abroad.

We are excited to share some of these stories with you. Find out what God is doing worldwide through technology, and perhaps discover how you might be involved too!