Two Week Stint!

A fortnight-long bilingual summer camp in the South of France that is ideal for students.

Girl smiling out of her tent Where: La Maison Boissier, Charmes-sur-Rhône, South of France
When:Saturday 8th July – Friday 21st July 2017

The Two Week Stint is a bilingual* camp in the South of France. People from across Europe join with Wycliffe Bible Translators UK & Ireland and Wycliffe France for a cross-cultural and productive holiday, with plenty of opportunity for time spent with God and some adventure thrown in too! (*Everything is in both French and English. You only need to be able to speak one of the languages but there's a chance to practice the other one too.)

It is ideal for students and recent graduates keen to explore the world of Bible translation in an interactive way.  Set in the beautiful Rhone Valley, the group gîte 'The House of Prayer' is a converted water mill with a number of self-contained apartments and large meeting rooms. It is ideal for outdoor living and eating, and also the perfect setting to focus on God’s mission. We all need a break from the busy-ness of life to be able to do this.

In the mornings, you will learn about the mission of God through the book of Acts. You will get to understand the mechanics of linguistics, the critical need for literacy and the value of Scripture engagement work. Impacting lives of minority language groups around the world is Wycliffe Bible Translators' key aim. In the evenings there will be a mix of worship, reflection and outside speakers.

L'Union de Prière de Charmes (c) Knut Burmeister 2016Afternoons and weekends are basically free when you can relax or take advantage of a variety of nearby tourist attractions. There will be a number of competitively priced activities and outings available, either with a group from the Two Week Stint or you can set off on your own to relax and reflect by the river.

Do you have a love for God’s word and a passion that everyone should have access to it in a language that speaks to their heart? Are you interested in the impact of Scripture translation, linguistics or literacy on churches amongst minority language groups? Do you enjoy encouraging others in their faith walk? If you are saying YES to any of the above then the Two Week Stint is for you!

The camp will cost £350 including all meals, accommodation and teaching. You'll have to make your own way to the venue; trains and buses go all the way to Charmes-sur-Rhône. As it's always oversubscribed, please send a deposit of £100 to secure your place. 

You can register for the 2017 event now!

* French and English