Media, Music and Arts

Use your media skills, training and experience to help in communications, marketing and vernacular media roles.

Communications and Marketing

The most effective communication is in the language we understand best.  This happens through an increasing variety of media. So the skills of graphic designers, marketing professionals, audio technicians, writers, videographers, editors and photographers working for Wycliffe are needed to spread the word about what God is doing through Bible translation.

People in these roles are storytellers, inviting the public to look, learn and listen as God’s Story changes lives: they provide the link through which Bibleless communities can communicate with the rest of the world.  Media specialists, through their creativity and imagination, can inspire and invite others to play a part in God’s global Bible translation movement.

Media specialists are also essential for communicating between decision makers across the world. Wycliffe and its partners work with a wide range of other organisations, groups and governments. So we need people with expertise to ensure our work is communicated in the best possible way with these groups.

Vernacular (Mother Tongue) Media

No culture relies entirely on printed words to pass on information. Vernacular media – like music, poetry, drama and dance – not only conveys information, but also shares values and expresses emotions.

Specialists in vernacular media work alongside other translation team members, finding media tools that are culturally appropriate for each language group. Film, audio, radio, filmstrips, drama, puppets, flipcharts, photos and the internet are just some of the tools used to communicate God’s life-changing message. Ethnomusicologists help communities to write songs in their own language and style, drawing upon newly translated Scripture.

These media tools aid and encourage the use of printed resources rather than replacing them. They also provide an indispensable access to God’s word for millions of people around the world who are unable to read.

Could you be part of making God’s word available to people in the language they understand best?

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  • Use our online enquiry form to tell us about yourself and why your skills and experience would be a good fit for this role. We'd love to hear from you!
  • Find out more about vernacular media through our partner organisation, JAARS.
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