Words for Life out now!
21 May 2018

Have you heard of trauma healing workshops? Learn more about one of our valuable ministries in the latest issue of Words for Life!

Fundraising Manager
16 May 2018

Could you lead a small team, seeking to raising funds for Bible translation project around the world?

Doing the groundwork
16 April 2018

Some translation teams go to great lengths to ensure their translations are as accurate as possible.

New formats for age-old cultures
09 April 2018

Are modern technology and the traditions of old cultures in conflict? Surprisingly, they go hand in hand.

LEGO The Passion of the Christ
01 April 2018

You have heard the Easter story before, but you haven't seen it told like this!

More than words
26 March 2018

A simple misunderstanding, which was thankfully discovered through community testing!

Remembering Naboth
08 March 2018

A tribute to Naboth Musa, a member of the Duya translation team in Nigeria, who sadly died in a recent accident.

New Words for Life
08 February 2018

We're kickstarting 2018 with a great new edition of Words for Life! Prepare to be inspired as you discover the latest news from Wycliffe.

Exactly what we want to be doing
23 January 2018

Richard - who is interviewed in Words for Life Spring 2018 - tells the story about how he came to be part of Wycliffe's work encouraging engagement with the Bible in West Africa.

A model that really works
22 January 2018

The impact of Scripture listening and reading groups in Nigeria

The new look Words for Life is out now!
06 October 2017

The new look Words for Life exploring the journey of Bible translation is out now!

Healing the hurting
27 July 2017

A biblical trauma healing programme offers hope in the Central African Republic

Join the team!
07 July 2017

The work of Bible translation is made up of many parts. Do you think your skills can't be used? Think again.

Calling all teachers!
06 July 2017

Are you a teacher? In our work, they are a vital part of the mission.

How do you face the mountains in your life?
29 June 2017

When you’re facing a difficult situation, where do you turn? The Kanu people in the Philippines turned to God’s word and it made all the difference.

Martin Luther and Bible translation
28 June 2017

Luther’s work translating the Bible was fundamental to the Reformation.