One day to find out about IT in Wycliffe

September 27th, 2010 by Paul

There’s a wide variety of IT going on in the Wycliffe world. Here in the UK there’s everything you might expect to find in any charity – donations processing, finance, personnel. But in Wycliffe and partner organisations in other countries where our staff work, there’s a very wide range of IT roles.

Man working with complex IT equipmentThere are people in remote places supporting a small office and coping with dust, intermittent power and lightning strikes. There are people in large offices developing systems to keep track of our 10,000 staff, or to store the massive amount of data we have on many languages.

Here in the UK we’re fortunate to have access to some of those people doing interesting things, like developing tools for sign language translation, or working with complex fonts and writing systems. We have arranged a day, 26 Feb 2011, called “Check IT Out when you can come to hear about IT work in Wycliffe, and maybe see how you can get involved. The programme hasn’t been finalised yet, but in previous years we have had:

  • a presentation on how to handle complex scripts
  • and a presentation on sign language translation
  • remote support work
  • specialist language software
  • IT supporting administration
  • helping from home

More information on our Check IT Out page.

Paul Morriss, IT Director


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