Frontline Prayer Live 2013

August 5th, 2013 by Jo Johnson

I believe that prayer should have the number one priority because, however good our technology, however sound our methods, however strong and deep our commitment, unless God is at work, it will all come to nothing. So therefore we really need to ask God to give us the power to undergird all that we do.’ Fergus MacDonald, former General Secretary of the United Bible Societies.

Photo by Marc Ewell

Photo by Marc Ewell

On or around 11th November every year, all around the world, Wycliffe staff stop work to spend a whole day praying. Last year, we decided that we wanted to give the opportunity to anyone in the UK who was interested, to pray and be re-envisioned. So, at three venues around the UK, we held ‘Pray 10/11/12’.

One participant for the day told us it was ‘Brilliant, informative, interesting and inspiring‘. Another told us that Pray 10/11/12 was the best prayer event she had ever been to. We are already preparing for another prayer event to be held on Saturday 9th November. It is called Frontline Prayer Live 2013 and will be held at six venues around the country. Prayer is critical to the growth of the Kingdom of God, we are in a battle, are you ready to stand on the Frontline?

Even with events in six locations, we know that not everyone will be able to travel to one of the ‘official’ venues. We would love to see churches and individuals holding their own Frontline Prayer events during the autumn. Modules providing all the resources necessary will be available to download soon so that that anyone can host a day, half day or evening of prayer.

Please join us in praying that hundreds of people register to attend one of the Frontline Prayer Live events and that many more decide to hold their own event.

Register or find out more about Frontline Prayer Live 2013.


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