Sing a new song with gongs!

January 26th, 2017 by Camilla

The name of our organisation is Wycliffe Bible Translators. Bible translation is a huge part of what we do – but it’s not all we do.

Recently in a country in Asia*, Wycliffe Bible Translators held EthnoArts and Storying workshops, designed to equip people to tell accurate Bible stories in their own language and culturally authentic storytelling style. The idea is to encourage local Christians to share the content and message of the stories with songs, music and other art forms that are rooted in their own culture.

One worker involved with the workshops reported: ‘In one location all of the language groups involved have historically used gongs for their indigenous music. In a previous training, several groups lamented that the Christians among them had given up using gongs when they became believers, and now they no longer owned any gongs. They recognized the value and power of using these traditional instruments and musical style to worship God. At the most recent workshop two groups reported that they had acquired some gongs and were composing new worship music to glorify God. One man told of playing the new songs on the gongs and four families (about 15 people) responding by deciding to follow Jesus! A man from another group told of making a recording of their new songs on the gongs and introducing this to a neighboring community. They were having trouble with people stealing the discs from each other because the music was so popular! Part of a new song: Lord, show mercy to my villagers because so many have not come to know Jesus. The coming day of Jesus Christ is so soon; He promised to come back.’

Back in the UK, we’re so encouraged by this, and we hope you are too!

  • Praise God for these translated Bible stories, new songs, and new believers!
  • Please pray that God will help these new believers to become strong in their faith over the coming weeks, months and years.
  • Pray for further workshops over the next year – for good attendance, participation and new, culturally authentic music that glorifies God.

Read more about why we have a passion for Bible translation, and how we help to bring God’s word to people groups around the world.

*details withheld for security reasons

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