The best ways to pray with us this year

January 8th, 2017 by Jo Johnson

As we head into the New Year we’ve been reflecting on all the inspiring prayer content we produced last year and dreaming of how we can keep you inspired and praying through 2017 too. So it’s the season to revamp and renew, here are some changes coming round the corner that we’d like to let you know about…

From the beginning of February we will no longer be producing the Seven Days of Prayer blog. Sad to see it go? So are we but especially if you receive this weekly resource by email, we wanted to let you know that  there are many other ways that you can access material for prayer:

  • Top of the list, we recommend that you download the PrayerMate app from the app store on your smart phone or tablet; it’s available in both iOS and android. This app is a fantastic tool to help you pray for your own needs and concerns but can also allow you to access the prayer feeds of several Christian organisations, Wycliffe included.
  • The same material that was sent to you as the ‘Seven Days of Prayer’ weekly email is also available on a daily basis on the website or you can subscribe to receive these requests by daily email.
  • Subscribe to receive our free magazine Words for Life which contains our prayer diary as well as informative articles and news.
  • If you are more interested in receiving something weekly then subscribe to our prayer blog Standing in the gap which shares timely prayer needs and stories.
  • Alternatively our partner the Wycliffe Global Alliance prepares a weekly Prayer Focus Bulletin. You can subscribe by clicking on the envelope icon at the top of list of prayers.

We know that we see breakthrough and progress because you stand with us in prayer. Thank you for your faithfulness. Please take a moment now to choose another way to receiving our prayer news. Which way will you choose to pray?


2 Responses to “The best ways to pray with us this year”

  1. Just Following Jesus says:

    And don’t forget to pray through the world daily using Operation World!

  2. Jo Johnson says:

    Yes we love Operation World and it’s a great resource for praying for the nations of the world, especially those where it is hardest to be a Christ follower.

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