The power of a good story

February 2nd, 2017 by Martin Horton

There are many ways that God’s word can reach people around the world. His word can be read on the printed page. It can be shared on a mobile phone via blue tooth or an SD card. It can be heard and seen through the JESUS Film which has been watched by millions but there is one form that existed long before these others. A form that has been used to share myths, facts and legends since humankind learned to use the gift of human language and that form is orality.

There are currently an estimated 5.7 billion oral learners all over the globe, and they learn mainly or entirely through oral not written means. This can be via songs, drama, proverbs, media or stories. And it is though the telling of stories that some members of Wycliffe Thailand are sharing the good news of Jesus.

The team are working on a set of Biblical stories that will help Thai non-believers from an animist/Buddhist background to understand more about the Christian faith. Many of those with an animist background believe that all natural things have a soul, such as rocks, rivers and even the moon and stars. So, the team begin with the story of creation, continuing with selected stories from the Old Testament that lead up to Jesus Christ and then they end with a story from the book of Revelation.

Please stand alongside this team in Wycliffe Thailand by praying:

  • Praise God for all that he is doing through this storying team. Some of the things that are happening especially widening opportunities to talk and share about orality & storying are definitely not their doing.
  • that the team will continue to be obedient to God’s will and his ways; that they would be sensitive to what God is doing and learn to follow him down the path he is leading.
  • for faithfulness to finish the storying work they’ve started, specifically finishing up the Central Thai & Northern Thai story-sets.
  • for Thai-speaking believers to rediscover the power of telling Bible stories and that their confidence will grow with each story that they tell.
  • that many are impacted by the stories and will understand the life changing message of Jesus for the first time

Read Scripture stories for Chukchi reindeer herders for another example of how God is transforming lives through the power of story telling

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