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Touching the innermost strings of the soul

Monday, January 2nd, 2017 by Camilla

We’re always excited to hear stories about people encountering Jesus through Scriptures in their mother tongue, and this is one of our recent favourites, from Eurasia:

‘When I first got acquainted with the Bible, it was in the national language of course. I had already been used to reading the Bible in this language by the time the New Testament was presented to me in my mother tongue.

moscow-kazan-321-2‘As I started reading the gospels in the language that was my own since early childhood, I felt that Jesus himself was addressing me personally. After this experience I wanted to say to all Bible translators, “What you do is extremely significant, you are providing an opportunity for God himself to address people in their mother tongue!”

‘As for me, Tatar is my mother tongue, and my situation could have been expected, but here is an even more striking example:

‘I was sharing the gospel with my friend, who does not know the Tatar language well enough to speak it in his daily life, though he is Tatar ethnically. He normally speaks Russian. I read aloud the parable of the prodigal son from the gospel of Luke in the national language. He listened with interest, but did not seem deeply touched by what he heard. Then I took out the New Testament and started reading the same passage in our language. As soon as I reached the place where the forgiving father addresses his eldest son with our word for “son”, tears gushed from his eyes and he wept for a long time. This single Tatar word touched some of the innermost strings of his soul.’

We hope you’re as inspired by this story as we are, and share our desire for everyone to have the opportunity to experience God’s word in this way. Pray for speakers of Bashkir, a language related to Tatar, using our prayer goody bag Finishing in God’s time.