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The fruit of faithful prayer

Thursday, May 4th, 2017 by Martin Horton

Prayer is not always easy, especially persistent prayer. May this story give you hope and a renewed passion to see an answer to those prayers that may seem impossible!

Karen’s* heart was captured for mission whilst she was young. At a student mission conference she chose to start praying for a group of nomadic sheep herders. It seemed impossible that the B* people would ever come to Christ, but Karen kept praying for 13 years.

Karen got married and started a family, and all the while kept praying for the B people. She got the opportunity to attend a gathering of Christ followers from different religious backgrounds in Southeast Asia. It was there she met Adam*: a clan leader from the very people group she’d been praying for.

Adam had discovered Jesus through living with and being taught by a Christian teacher and his family. After coming to faith, Adam chose to stay with his people group, the first among them to become a follower of Jesus. Due to his reliability, the way he treated others and his desire to share about Jesus, Adam was later named as the new leader of the whole people group; even above the current leader’s own sons.

Adam has remained loyal to God’s word and led many others from his people group to Christ. Yet Adam has also experienced imprisonment, torture and nearly died in the mountains whilst bringing help to victims of an earthquake. Despite all these challenges, Adam’s love for Jesus remains, as does his passion for helping others.

Karen had no idea what would happen when she started praying for an unknown people group that she thought she may never see, but God has amazed Karen and Adam with the doors that he has opened over time.

Karen and her husband work with Global Teams to assist Adam with his work among the B* people and other people groups in that region.

*names changed for security reasons

This story is adapted from a story that originally appeared on the Faith2Share website. You can read the original here.

Why not commit to pray for a people group with an ongoing translation project?

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Finding hope again

Monday, April 11th, 2016 by Camilla

We’ve all heard stories of the terrors that many who live in the Middle East have experienced. It’s sometimes hard to even believe that God is at work when we hear about the atrocities people live through. Allow your faith to be strengthened by reading this uplifting story about Rajiya* and how she found hope again after being torn apart inside.

Rajiya, whose name means ‘hope’, is a Chaldean Christian living in the Middle East, where many of her people have been driven from their villages, kidnapped, raped or killed. Rajiya herself had no visible scars, but felt torn apart inside.

heart-1491403-640x960She heard about trauma healing and was put in touch with a lady called Mirah who was running a group intended to help people like Rajiya to find hope again after experiencing horrible things.

Once on a workshop, Rajiya and the other participants were surprised to learn that Mirah and the other leaders used the Bible as their main textbook, and really took it seriously. The workshop combined psychology with Scripture, and looked at questions such as, ‘If God loves us why do we suffer?’, and how the wounds of our hearts can be healed. Discussing carefully selected Bible passages in groups helped participants to move forward.

One particularly moving experience for Rajiya was where participants were given little pieces of paper and invited to privately write down wounds they were carrying. When they were ready they could tear up the pieces, put them in a box and leave them behind.

‘I realise I am once again becoming Rajiya; my hope is returning.’

*For security reasons, Rajiya is a composite of a number of women who attended the trauma healing workshop.

Read the full story here.

Prayer for the House of Islam

Friday, July 17th, 2015 by Camilla

Today marks the end of the 30 days of prayer for the Muslim world. Is prayer for Muslims having an impact? What is God doing in the Muslim world?

In his book A wind is blowing in the House of Islam, David Garrison looks at the nine ‘rooms’, or geo-cultural clusters of the House of Islam (the Muslim world), and explores what God is using to bring Muslims to faith in Christ. He also looks at why, after so many years of almost no Muslims coming to Christ, momentum is now building.

In the first 12 years of the 21st century, there were 69 cases of at least 1000 Muslims accepting Christ and being baptised. Clearly, God is on the move. Garrison does however stress that statistically, these events are almost insignificant; less than one half of one percent of the world’s 1.6 billion Muslims have committed to follow Jesus. More prayer and action is required.

Garrison identifies Scripture as one of the keys to what God has begun to do among Muslims, saying Scripture in the local language is ‘instrumental’. While the Qur’an can only be truly represented in Arabic, God’s word can be translated into any language, allowing it to penetrate people’s hearts. Muslims have often rejected the truth when someone has tried to tell them about it, but have been eager to enter into a heart relationship with Jesus after discovering the truth for themselves through the Bible.

‘As I read it [the New Testament], I felt my heart open like an old door, and I understood every verse with my whole being. I set the Qur’an aside. Inside I felt warm and very thirsty. It was like drinking cool water, and I wanted to drink it all.’ Nadia, an Iranian believer

But the Bible is not yet available in many of the languages most Muslims speak. Around 1000 of the world’s nearly 7000 languages are spoken by groups identified as primarily Muslim. Only around 100 of these have a full Bible, and a further 150 have a New Testament.

The 30 days of prayer event has finished for this year, but let’s continue praying passionately that:

  • What God has started in the House of Islam would gain more momentum and many more Muslims would come to Christ.
  • God would protect Muslim-background believers, as they often face persecution for their faith, and that God would make their witness effective.
  • God would raise up more people to be involved in Bible translation projects in the Muslim world.

Want to find out more? David Garrison’s book A wind in the House of Islam is widely available and will give you a bigger picture as well as telling you how you can get involved.