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The impact of Learning that LASTS

Thursday, December 8th, 2016 by Jo Johnson

In the last year or so we’ve sometimes asked you to pray for Learning that LASTS training courses that have taken place in East Africa. Whilst this course is being run around the world, recently one of the training staff from Nairobi, visited us and we were so excited by his feedback that we decided to pass it on so that you can be encouraged that your prayers are being answered!

light-bulb-1425824Learning that LASTS is a week-long training programme which equips teachers to communicate, challenge, inspire and teach their students better. Due to the high demand for this sort of training, as many as six or seven of these courses have been run over the past 18 months. The courses have been open to staff and local churches as well as partner organisations. Several church leaders as well as personnel from partner organisations have profited from taking the course.

A member of one of our partner organisations used the principles learnt in Learning that LASTS in South Sudan and said that it was like a light went on as those he was training understood much better what he was aiming to communicate.

One church leader who runs discipleship courses for men in his church said that the year before he took Learning that LASTS, he had 16 men finish his discipleship course. The year after he took the course he had 60 complete the training, and this year he is hoping for 90!

Praise God with us for how he is equipping those who teach and train his church.

A Learning that Lasts course was held at the end of November in Nairobi, Kenya. Please pray for:

  • the participants to put into practice what they have learnt
  • fruit from their ministries as they communicate more clearly and train more effectively.

Learning that Lasts is run in the UK too. Please pray for a course which is currently underway at Redcliffe College in Gloucester:

  • ask God to help the participants to understand the content well and for it to impact the way that they teach and train.

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A season to train

Thursday, November 24th, 2016 by Jo Johnson

Autumn is the season for training new members! Those who are getting ready to go overseas for the first time with Wycliffe Bible Translators are now well into their Assignment Related Training at the Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy which is part of Redcliffe College in Gloucester.

Training finishes just before Christmas and the new members will be heading overseas in the New Year.

You can find more details about our two new members Sharon and Rachel on pages 22-23 of the new edition of Words for Life which is out now online and should be arriving through your letterbox in the next few days, if you have subscribed to receive a print copy.

Please also remember to pray for two other new members Nathan* and Becky*. As they are planning to work in two sensitive parts of the world, we can’t introduce them or their plans to you fully for security reasons.

Please join us praying for:

  • The staff training these new members, that they may communicate clearly and rachel-robinson-picture-d7k_5491support them well during this time of preparation.
  • Ask God to help the new members grasp new concepts well and learn all they need to know to tackle their first assignments successfully.
  • Pray that each one will find ways to stay close to God during this busy time of training, preparations and saying goodbye to family and friends.

Wendy and Jennifer, members of the Wycliffe UK personnel team, will be in Gloucester from 12th–14th December, to help these new members prepare for their work overseas. At this point they will have completed their technical training (for linguistics, literacy, or helping people to use the Bible in their daily lives). Wendy will be helping students to explore what it means to be ‘resilient’, how to survive transition, ways of preparing for the unknown, and the challenges of moral purity.

  • Please pray especially for these final few days of preparation – that Wendy, Jennifer and the new members will all enjoy their time together and that God will challenge each person where they need to be challenged and give peace where they have fears or concerns.

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*names changed for security reasons.

Preparing for launch

Thursday, July 21st, 2016 by Jo Johnson

At the end of July, the Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy at Redcliffe College starts its new year of training, beginning with its Language and Culture Acquisition (LACA) course. LACA is the first course for those who have recently joined Wycliffe and are members in training.

ARTThis six-week course provides a good starting place for those who are expecting to live and work in a community whose language and culture they need to learn. The aim is to give course participants skills and tools to equip them to learn any language and culture, especially where formal language teaching is not available and students will be forging their own path in a completely new environment.

The team at CLTL are excited to be welcoming 16 students from the UK, Europe and New Zealand and are thankful for a full team of teachers and supporting staff to run the course. The college moved to the grounds of Gloucester Cathedral at the beginning of 2016. This has been a very positive move but is a very different environment, so will mean adjustments for staff who are used to past venues.

Please pray:

  • for safe travel for the students and their families and that those travelling from outside the UK can quickly transition into life in the UK
  • for a strong, caring and supportive community among the students and staff from day one
  • for the teaching team as they travel to Gloucester from around the world and have to quickly adjust to a different work environment
  • for students to be willing to step out of their comfort zones as they learn about new cultures and practice new and unfamiliar sounds in front of each other
  • that God will use the course to equip students for the next step in their journey

Find it challenging to know how to pray for Wycliffe workers? Use our resource God bless Justin to help you.

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Equipped to serve God anywhere!

Friday, February 20th, 2015 by Jo Johnson

The training arm of Wycliffe Bible Translators in the UK, the Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy (CLTL), operates as part of Redcliffe College in Gloucester. Redcliffe seeks to ‘provide excellent Bible-based training in cross-cultural mission, leadership, member care and linguistics, equipping you to serve God anywhere!’

Changes are afoot at Redcliffe, as a press release issued on 30th January explains:

CLTL literacy classThe needs of mission training in the UK and abroad are changing very quickly. It is our view that only radical change will enable us to meet those needs.’

Part of this radical change will be a physical move to new premises. The current building which houses Redcliffe College and CLTL will be sold and the college is currently looking for new premises that will better fit their needs, but still in the Gloucester area.

Please pray for all those involved in pushing forward this new initiative:

  • for wisdom in all the decision making and details. It necessarily will require consultation with many different parties.
  • for current students and staff and for those starting study there in the next few months, who are part of this transition. Ask God for grace, to counter stress, and to live and work well together.
  • for God’s provision of the right premises for the college to move into and the right buyer for the current college building, at just the right time.

Read the whole press release giving more details about the upcoming changes at Redcliffe college.

From the classroom to Cameroon

Friday, July 25th, 2014 by Jo Johnson

At the end of July, new students will begin the first stage of training for Wycliffe work overseas. The Language and Culture Acquisition course (known as ʟᴀᴄᴀ) prepares workers to engage in depth with a new language and culture, and runs at Redcliffe College in Gloucester.

Suzie and Philip Burgess were at Redcliffe until recently, doing further training for work in Cameroon. We asked them what the benefits of studying there are.

Suzie and Philip Burgess

Suzie and Philip Burgess

‘It was good to be with other people who were training for overseas ministry from a number of different  organisations and it was helpful to enjoy fellowship groups and community worship times in the midst of an intense study programme.

‘We also thoroughly enjoyed the food and the pool competition (all work and no play is not a healthy balance!). It was humbling to meet others on the course who work in very different and challenging situations and see the sacrifices that they make, often just to be on the course.’

Pray for the course

Please pray for all the students and staff at Redcliffe College, especially those involved in ʟᴀᴄᴀ. Pray for good transitions back to study, good relationships and God’s enabling.

Pray for Philip and Suzie

Philip and Suzie have both worked in Cameroon before and recently returned to the capital city Yaoundé. They can’t move to live with the Parak* people Philip had previously worked with due to current security concerns. Philip will work with contacts in Yaoundé from the language group. Suzie will make short trips to the Yive village where she worked previously, and process and analyse the data at a distance.

By Christmas, Suzie hopes to be a long way through the 18,000-word dissertation which will be the completion of her MA; Philip hopes to have done more foundational analysis work in the Parak language before translation begins. They both want to encourage and build relationships within the communities despite the distance.

Please pray for safe travels, a strong marriage and wisdom about working at a distance for the projects and the peoples they have come to love.

Look into doing Bible translation and Scripture Use studies at the Redcliffe Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy.

*Parak is the pseudonym used for security purposes.

‘I’m not going alone!’

Wednesday, March 5th, 2014 by Hannah

Clare is one of the latest people to sign up with Wycliffe in the UK to serve Bibleless people around the world. After training, now she’s off to Senegal. We asked her about what’s waiting for her in West Africa and how she’s feeling about all the changes…

clare-orrAs I write, it is just over a week until I leave for Senegal to begin a literacy assignment with SIL [Wycliffe’s linguistic partner overseas]. I completed my initial training at Redcliffe College in December and can’t wait to put some of what I learnt into action. I greatly enjoyed my time at Redcliffe; there was a real sense of community among the students, who come from all over the world and hope to serve God in many different countries.

Once in Senegal, I will spend the first few months in Dakar, getting stuck in to learning the culture and the language. I love language learning and especially learning about life in other cultures, so I’m looking forward to this part, especially as I know it will also be preparing me for what’s next.

A literacy class in DR Congo. Photo: Heather Pubols.

A literacy class in DR Congo. Photo: Heather Pubols.

During my time in Dakar, we will figure out where the best assignment for me will be. With a national literacy rate of only 40%, there is plenty of literacy work to be done in Senegal. SIL help to provide adult literacy classes as well as assisting with the provision of mother-tongue education in primary schools, before pupils make a transition to being taught in French. These are two key areas and I am looking forward to finding out where I fit into this!

Of course, as my date for leaving gets closer, nerves are setting in too, about whether I’ll settle in, whether I’ll be able to learn the language or cope with the weather and how much I’ll miss home. However, I go confident in the knowledge that I’m not doing this alone – it has been such an encouragement to see how God has led me here and has brought people together to partner with me. I am going to Senegal along with God and all my partners back home and am thankful to God for this assurance.

In Senegal, West Africa and the rest of the world, there are big needs for people who can help others to learn to read and write, giving them access to education, healthcare and the powerful and life-changing words of the Bible. What could you do?

Seeing what God has done

Monday, December 30th, 2013 by Jo Johnson

New Year is often a time to take stock: a time to look back at the past year and see what has happened.

One way to evaluate this year is to see the ways that God has acted for us. Looking through the entries for Standing in the Gap I am encouraged. Here are a few of the highlights:

  • Singing at a worship service at Christmas time.We asked you to pray for translators working in conflict zones, specifically in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC). Praise God for the surrender of one of the rebel groups operating near Goma, DRC. Please pray for complete peace for that region.
  • When both Wycliffe’s training arm and the administrative offices moved to separate locations earlier this year we asked you to support us by praying. These moves went smoothly: we quickly settled at the Clare Centre and courses were running Redcliffe College on time. Praise God for the IT department who had the heaviest work-load and did an outstanding job.
  • We asked you to pray for the celebration of the Sango Bible in Central African Republic, with a backdrop of unrest it was not sure that the launch would be able to go ahead. Despite some of the Bibles being looted, the launch happened in safety and with great rejoicing. Later, many of the looted Bibles appeared for sale, at local markets.
  • We asked you to pray for the launch of Scripture portions for several African sign languages. Again, the launch went well but for one group of participants it was especially poignant:

    ‘A couple of weeks prior to the celebration, a new team arrived at DOOR. This team hails from Asia and is from a sensitive language group. For this new team, the celebration signified more than a celebration for what the current teams had completed – it signified their future.’

Praise God with us that he answers prayer, and gives us a hope and a future.

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Encounters Mission Journal: CLTL at Redcliffe

Tuesday, October 1st, 2013 by Phil

One of the things we look forward to happening as a result of moving Wycliffe’s training programmes to Redcliffe College and the Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy is the opportunity for students and staff to be able to contribute to and benefit from the wider activities of the college.

Students listen in a class discussionOnly a couple of months into the new setup and already partnership is happening. This time through the Encounters Mission Journal, where CLTL staff have been able to share their reflections on some of the texts they use. The introduction reads,

A good teacher never stops learning and reflecting. This edition of Encounters is dedicated to book reviews by members of the faculty of Redcliffe College. Although the titles covered are varied, the unifying theme is our request to participants that they complement their reviews by reflecting on how their reading might be useful for or influence their teaching.

So you can read reflections from Carol Orwig, David Gray, Howard Jackson and Catherine Young alongside Redcliffe regulars, Ted Pilling, Tim Davy, Dan Button, Hugh Kemp. The Encounters Mission Journal is free to download.

Find out more about the study opportunities with Wycliffe and Redcliffe College at the Centre for Linguistics, Translation and Literacy page.