'Lord, teach us to pray'

Jo Constantine, a long-term Wycliffe supporter, writes about how God has been leading her deeper into ‘praying at all times in the Spirit’ (Ephesians 6:18).

‘I find it incredible to think that God could use me…’

Chris Conn is now preparing for his first assignment with Wycliffe. He shares why he is so passionate about Bible translation.

Meeting needs I didn’t know existed

Don’t think you have to be a linguist to serve with Wycliffe! Two SkillServers share their experiences of short-term volunteering placements.

Why I was crying last night

''I want to tell you why I was crying last night. I had just heard them praying and reading in our language.''

From Atheism to Bible Translation

''In my homeland, sometimes people don't know where to find real love. My point of view is that it's in the Bible. God reveals that in his words.''

Searching for forgiveness

That's impossible...isn't it?

Experience Wycliffe

Bethany writes about her photography placement with us on Experience Wycliffe

When your Bible is illegal

At the airport Lily was detained after officials inspected her mobile phone and discovered that it contained an audio New Testament.

Equipping people to get the most out of God's word

Just translating the Bible into the local language isn’t the end of the story – people also need to be equipped to engage with and apply Scripture to their daily lives.

Hope and healing in the Middle East

The difference Bible-based trauma healing is making in the midst of the turmoil of the Middle East.

Spreading the word

A member tells us about what it's like to make radio programmes to help get the word out once the Scriptures have been translated.

Trauma healing for refugees

How Bible-based trauma healing is being used to care for traumatised refugees in Germany.

When the puzzle comes together and you see God's plan

Helen Cobbald tells us about her steps towards becoming a member.

Doing the groundwork

Some translation teams go to great lengths to ensure their translations are as accurate as possible.

New formats for age-old cultures

Are modern technology and the traditions of old cultures in conflict? Surprisingly, they go hand in hand.

LEGO The Passion of the Christ

You have heard the Easter story before, but you haven't seen it told like this!