We are looking for volunteers to help with our membership application process, to use their counselling or pastoral experience to interview applicants and give input into the decision-making process.

We have over 300 members working around the world with partner organisations on Bible translation projects. Members are sent by their home churches to build the worldwide Church through Bible translation. They trust God to bring supporters alongside – both churches and individuals – to pray and give financially. Wycliffe seeks to reflect the UK Church in its member application process, bringing in voices from outside of the organisation.

Many of the locations where members serve are challenging and so the membership application process is quite rigorous, including looking at individuals’ resilience, Christian maturity and cross-cultural experience. On some occasions it is the right time for people to come into membership, but on other occasions there may be other steps that should be undertaken first, that come to light through the process of assessment.

If you have a counselling qualification (either secular or Christian) or a background in pastoral ministry, and could give a handful of days each year at Wycliffe’s High Wycombe office we would love to meet with you and explore how you could be a part of helping individuals on their journeys with Wycliffe and with God.

Candidates for this role need to be in agreement with Wycliffe’s Statement of Faith.

If you’re interest and would like to find out more, please contact Andrew Sweet (asweet@wycliffe.org.uk).