Reboot your career

Reboot is a pathway for those looking to transition their established career into service with Wycliffe Bible Translators.

The Bible translation movement increasingly depends on a great variety of skills and experience. In addition to language work or translation needs, there are other highly sought-after skill sets such as IT, middle and project management, accountancy and finance, teaching and administrative roles.

What can I expect?

We ask you to complete a short application form and attach an up-to-date CV. We will then begin a conversation with you about the sorts of areas of service which would be a good fit for your life circumstances. Where appropriate we would look to arrange a short-term service trip for you to get a taste of working cross-culturally in a Bible translation team. Reboot does not have to lead to overseas service, as UK-based volunteer roles are available, but interaction with an ongoing project is always beneficial.

This video interview gives you one couple’s experience of first starting to serve with Wycliffe and then working on the front line of Bible translation work.