Reboot your career

Reboot is a pathway to help over-30s who are seriously considering serving God in mission.

There are many ways to help bring the Bible to people who don't yet have it in their language:

  • you could volunteer here or abroad with a number of flexible packages that fit your needs.
  • you could offer a few hours a week, we have a growing number of UK based roles.
  • or you could have a complete career change and go overseas to become part of the full-time team.

In addition to language work or translation needs, there are many other roles for people with specialist skills such as IT, middle and project management, accountancy and finance, teaching and administrative roles. Whatever your skill set, come to one of our Discover or Explore Wycliffe events and learn how you can be part of the team!

What can I expect?

Each Reboot pathway is tailored to the individual, so we encourage you to register your interest below to begin a dialogue with our team.

When and where

Register for our Discover and Explore events held regionally throughout the UK which will widen your knowledge of the work of Wycliffe and show you how you might get involved!

Find out more

This video interview gives you one couple’s experience of first starting to serve with Wycliffe and then working on the front line of Bible translation work.