‘I want to tell you why I was crying last night. I had just heard them pray in our language,’ explained Yoke, one of the Dobel language translators on the Aru Islands in Indonesia.

Until recently, Yoke has only heard speakers of her language pray and read Scripture in the national language, Indonesian.

The Dobel-speaking people are at a very exciting point. They are now just five years away from having the complete New Testament available in the Dobel language.

The amazing sacrifice and commitment of all those involved is not a number we can calculate. But to give an example for the Dobel language area, on average translating a Bible verse costs £16.

But it’s worth so much more.

Your best gift today will help more Aruese people – including both those who speak Dobel and those who speak Kola – hear the word of God and be transformed by his love.

Watch the video of inspiring stories and testimonies of the impact of translation work in the Aru islands here.

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Your partnership helps make Bible translation possible, and we’d love to keep you updated on prayer requests, latest stories, activities, events and opportunities to support.

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