What’s the difference between reading a Bible in a language you understand, and reading or hearing it in your mother tongue?

All the difference in the world.

‘In the Polish Bible, we read about forgiveness, but when we read it in our language, we feel a certain trembling in our hearts. Sometimes we have tears in our eyes because it touches us in a deeper way,’ shares Zenka.

Zenka and her husband Mietek helped husband-and-wife translators Andrzej and Ola translate portions of the Bible into Bergitka Roma. They have completed the Gospels of Matthew, Mark and John and are now translating Luke. They dream of celebrating the completion of the New Testament and, one day, the whole Bible.

Did you know that Jesus had a mother tongue?

Wycliffe is committed to translating the Bible into the language people understand best, for as many as we can, working together with people like Zenka. Why? Because time and again it has such an impact on the lives of those who read and hear it.

Your support is helping change lives for eternity.

Because of your prayers and giving, more people like Zenka, Ola and Andrzej are encountering God in a meaningful way through Scripture in the language they understand best.

The cost of translating Scripture continues to increase. Next year we are committed to a 6% increase to work on the front lines. Please consider giving a regular monthly gift to Bible translation work to help us continue this vital work. Please be assured that even £5 a month will make a big difference.

Local children outside Andrzej and Ola's home
Local children outside Andrzej and Ola’s home

By choosing to give regularly, you will enable us to commit to translation work all over the world on a long-term basis. Regular gifts give us a steady income that we can rely on, allowing us to plan, budget and serve translation work even better.

Our aim is to get the Scriptures translated, distributed, and in use in as many languages as possible. We do this so that more people can learn about and experience the love and grace of God, and see their lives transformed forever.

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