Gesa Aristarchus reads the Lunyole New Testament.

‘The Legacy I will leave behind, especially to my grandchildren and to other people who will follow, is God’s word in Lunyole, which I had a hand in translating.

It will be my joy to see people’s lives being transformed for God’s glory through reading God’s word.’

Gesa Aristarchus
Lunyole Bible Translator

Leave a life-changing gift
A girl from Peru reads the Bible

This is not just for the next generation, but for generations to come.

A gift in a Will is so much more than money. It is an expression of thanks to our gracious God for blessing us during our lifetime.

Christians can use their Wills to enable the kingdom of God to grow here on earth in anticipation of Christ’s return.

Your Will can be an expression of everything that matters to you in your life, reflecting your priorities and passions. The Bible is one of the most important gifts we can ever give.

We deeply appreciate you considering leaving a gift to Wycliffe in your Will to enable us to continue sharing God’s word around the world.

A young boy reading

‘We will tell the next generation the praiseworthy deeds of the Lord, his power, and the wonders he has done.’

Psalm 78:4

Michael's Story

We know so many people have already chosen to leave a gift in their Will to Wycliffe, and we are incredibly grateful to them as it will make a real difference in bringing the Bible to those without it.

One of our supporters, Michael, made that decision and wanted to share his inspiration in the hope that it would inspire others to do the same.

A woman smiling

‘Over many years I studied the claims of the Bible and have come to the conclusion that what the Bible says is true.

Because of that I feel passionately that everyone, wherever they live, whatever language they speak, deserves the chance to know the truths of the Bible for themselves.

How can they do that if the Bible isn’t available in their language?

That is why I feel that Bible translation is absolutely central to all mission and why I have given to Wycliffe’s work for many years now.

That is also why I am leaving a gift to Wycliffe in my Will. I want part of my legacy to be that people who don’t yet know the truths of the Bible will come to know them through having the Bible in their language.’

North West England

How to leave a gift in your will
A girl smiling

If you would like to change the future, and believe that the Bible plays a central part in bringing people to faith and deepening our knowledge and love of God, your gift of a Legacy to Wycliffe Bible Translators can be a statement that you want to give a gift of hope to others – today and tomorrow.

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