You can play your part in giving God’s life-transforming word to communities who are still without it by leaving a legacy gift to Wycliffe Bible Translators when you write your will.

Why make a will?

  • good stewardship including provision for your loved ones
  • a chance to show generosity and make a difference for future generations
  • a chance to make a declaration of your beliefs and values

In order to make a will, we recommend you contact a solicitor, who will prepare a draft of the will and ask you to check that it fully reflects your wishes. When the content has been agreed a final version will be produced.

Using a practising solicitor is by far the best way to ensure your will is legally correct and your wishes are followed. The cost of having your will drawn up professionally could be considerably less than the costs to your loved ones and your chosen charities if your wishes are misinterpreted.

We can help

If you have any questions about including Wycliffe in your will, please contact us by phone on 0300 303 1111 or email us at You should consult a solicitor, accountant or other professional advisor for specific legal or tax advice. Our England and Wales charity number is 251233. Scottish charity number SC039140. Further information is available on the UK Charity Commission website, or the Scottish Charity register page.

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