Amazing Bible translation work is going on in a particular region of the world. 

Working with the  people in the  language in the country of , we now have early translations of the gospels, though translating in a mostly country is very difficult. 

The redactions above are, unfortunately, a true-to-life example of how we have to handle ‘sensitive’ Bible translation efforts. 

We’d like to tell you more about this particular situation, but we can’t – because it is one of the translations we are undertaking with the persecuted Church. 

These are countries where even being a Christian is often illegal, and sharing the gospel might result in the death penalty. 

In total, we are working to make God’s word accessible to over 22 million people in areas where the Church is persecuted. It’s an important – and growing – part of our ministry. 

By giving today, you will be helping them to bring the hope and peace found in the Bible to individuals, families and communities in some of the most challenging regions of the world. 

I want to support Bible translation for the persecuted Church 

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Your partnership helps make Bible translation possible, and we’d love to keep you updated on prayer requests, latest stories, activities, events and opportunities to support.

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