‘In the sixth month, God sent the angel Gabriel to Nazareth …’ (Luke 1:26)

So begins the Christmas story. In the UK, we take it for granted: every Christmas we go to church and hear of the baby Jesus, the shepherds, the angels …

Felix with a Mono literacy book for teaching reading and writing

Yet for 1.5 billion people, hearing the Christmas story in the language they understand best isn’t possible, because the Bible hasn’t been translated into that language.

Right now, though, people are hearing the Christmas story in their own language for the first time, because of the work of Bible translators. That full understanding means the word of God has special impact.

Take Felix.

Recently he heard the story of Bartimaeus in his own language (Mono) for the first time.

He said: ‘Jesus came to the blind man’s help, and then he saw. It is like that for us when we hear the word in our language. It allows us to see and know Jesus Christ.

Please could you give a gift this Christmas and help to make God’s word available to someone like Felix.

I want to give the gift of God's word this Christmas



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