Video and audio resources to inspire prayer

It’s difficult to pray with perseverance for situations which are far from our experience and far away geographically. It’s often easier to pray with others than alone. We’ve developed prayer goodybags (formerly known as Frontline Prayer modules): video and audio resources to inform and enthuse and give you plenty of inspiration for prayer.

So all you have to do is pick a theme, watch, listen to or read its story and pray. All the video and audio stories are available online so that you can watch them on your mobile device, computer or smart TV and you can access the prayer needs by clicking on links to the stories. Or you can print them off and use them with a larger group who is less likely to be comfortable accessing the material on their devices. You can pray for one project at a time, or all the projects from a specific region or pray through everything in one go. You could even break people into groups and each group could pray for a different project. The choice is yours - pick and mix as God inspires you!

We add to our selection on a regular basis so several times a year there will be new materials to pray through.

If you're not sure how to run a prayer event, just ask, we can advise, encourage or even send someone to run an event with your group.

Latest prayer goodybags:

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