Wycliffe Global Alliance Prayer Focus Bulletin

Human Resources Gathering: UK and Global

From 14-18 October around 80 people who work in Human Resources (HR) in Alliance Organisations and primary partner SIL will meet for training in the United Kingdom. Pray for the facilitators as they interact with HR staff from many different contexts. Ask God to give a fresh perspective to the participants on what their roles entail and how what they do contributes to building the Kingdom of God. Pray that God will equip each one with fresh vision. 

Amigos de ILV: Mexico

Instituto Lingüístico de Verano (ILV) in Mexico held two “Amigos del ILV*" events earlier this year for partners and potential partners. The purpose was to share the vision of how using the translated Scripture is effective for ministry among the many language communities of Mexico. The events took place in Mexico City and Oaxaca City. Books on display from SIL archives showed SIL’s long-term dedication to supporting minority languages in Mexico. Staff members shared about the process of translation and some of the newer Scripture engagement methods being used to reach people in remote areas. Pray that those who attended the events understand the vision of Bible translation and that some of them will get involved. 

*Amigos del ILV - Friends of SIL

Pray for ACTB: Equatorial Guinea

The Christian Bible Translation Association (ACTB) of Equatorial Guinea relates to Wycliffe Africa. Given the historic and socio-linguistic background of the country, ACTB also relates to Wycliffe Americas Area. Samuel Ndong, director, requests prayer for ACTB:

  • The realization of God’s purpose for their organization in His mission in Equatorial Guinea,
  • Perseverance in their vision (Bible translation, literacy, and Scripture promotion),
  • A social, spiritual, and financial collaboration of the national church with ACTB,
  • Academic training for professional personnel, and
  • Organizational structuring, consolidation, and stability.

God speaks Borôro: Brazil

Praise God for the celebration of the audio version of the Borôro New Testament in Brazil in August. One Borôro speaker said that he once heard people from another language community listening to Scripture in their language. He asked God, “Will it ever be possible to listen to God’s Word in Borôro? When?” Imagine his joy as the audio New Testament in his language became available. He told the people, “Tonight God’s Word in Borôro has arrived, and it is going to last a long time!” Pray for the Borôro people as they hear God speaking their language. Ask God to bring blessing through the power of His Word.

God’s blessing on Bible translation: United States

Seed Company in the United States is promoting prayer for Bible translation. Personnel of this organization believe that to reach more than one billion people still without Scripture in their heart language, prayer is needed. Pray for God’s blessing over three significant components of the translation process:

  • Forming and equipping the translation team,
  • Protecting the translators and work, and
  • Multiplying the work through those who receive it.

Join Seed Company in their prayer for zero language communities without God’s Word in their language.

New ministry challenges: Panama

Praise God that PAAM staff inaugurated their new offices and building, “Casa PAAM,” on September 2. Located in Panama, PAAM supports Latin Americans called by God to serve Him in missions. Pray for effective use of their facility as they enter a new stage of service after 10 years of ministry. Ask God to bless their program of training people to learn a second language. Pray for those who are preparing for short term mission trips and that God will provide for all their needs. Ask God to equip the team of personnel and permit them to accomplish the objectives and plans He has given them to extend His kingdom.

The message of Jesus for the Deaf: Global

The last week of September was the International Week of the Deaf. COMIBAM used this time to request prayer for the Deaf communities to receive the message of salvation through Jesus. Pray for the Wycliffe Global Alliance organizations involved in Bible translation in sign languages of Chile, Argentina, El Salvador, and several other countries in the world.  Pray for needed people and resources for sign language Bible translation efforts. Ask God to work in the hearts of Deaf individuals so that they respond to His Word.