Video Shorts

Feel free to use these videos in your church, small group or Christian Union to inform and encourage others about what God is doing. Want more? Get in touch via our contact form; we'd love to help!


The Bible Banquet

Imagine you're at a banquet – but it's not food or drink – it's a Bible banquet.

There are 7,099 guests; one for each language of the world. How much will each guest have to eat?


Who We Are

Through the Bible, God speaks to us and grows us. The Bible brings transformation, but only if you can understand it. Right now, 1.5 billion people in the world can’t access the Bible in their language, because it hasn’t been translated yet. To them, it’s like God doesn’t speak their language. This needs to change. Pray. Give. Go.


Introduction: God's Love – An Open Book

Why worry about translating the Bible? Does it make a difference to have the Bible in your own language, rather than one more people speak? Video from Wycliffe Canada. 


Bible translation: How does translation work?

Bible translation’s not just a matter of changing one word for another. Our partners The Seed Company travel step by step through the process of translating God’s word with a minority language community. Video from The Seed Company. 

Impact: The Gamo see JESUS

Does all this Bible translation work make a difference? A partnership between The Seed Company (Wycliffe’s partners) and The JESUS Film took Jesus’ message to the Gamo people of Ethiopia. Watch how they responded. Video from The Seed Company.

Health and literacy: It starts in the strangest place

What starts as a Bible translation project has all sorts of repercussions: communities develop their first alphabets, literacy programmes and gain access to education, health care and rights. Video from Wycliffe USA.

Orality: End Bible Poverty – India

It’s estimated that 70% of the language communities without the Bible are primarily oral learners. How can the Bible be shared with them in a meaningful way? These two ‘storying’ projects in India and Papua New Guinea show one new method. Video from The Seed Company.

Be involved: It's in your power

Mission isn’t just open to preachers and Bible translators. Teachers, pilots, sound engineers, writers, font designers – it’s open to all sorts of skills. Video from JAARS.

Feast or Crumbs

George Cowan, Former President Emeritus of Wycliffe USA, passionately explains why Bible translation is crucial for every remaining language group.