Equip language communities to express the Bible in creative ways

In most Western cultures, important messages are communicated in print. Many other cultures around the world, however, don’t connect with print in the same way we do, and communicate important messages in other ways. A culture’s music, visual art, poetry, drama and dance not only convey information, but also share values and beliefs, and express emotions.

EthnoArts specialists work alongside other translation team members, connecting God’s word with a language group’s authentic modes of expression, giving a language community a way to worship and communicate about God in a way that feels natural to them.

For many language communities, this means writing their own songs or putting together traditional-style dramas using the newly translated Scriptures – and for some, it means creating artwork that tells the story of the Bible in their heart language.

EthnoArts encourages the use of printed resources rather than replacing them. It also provides a way in to God’s word for oral language communities around the world.

Could you be part of making God’s word available to people in the language, format, etc they understand best?