Make a difference

GradTeams give you the opportunity to use the skills from your degree to make a difference – serving the 1.5 billion people who are still waiting to hear God speak their language.

Depending on your background and skillset, you will serve for up to 12 months in either Papua New Guinea, the Philippines or Burkina Faso.

You’ll be part of an active Bible translation team working at the front line, serving local people as they translate the Scriptures.

Papua New Guinea

Do you have a degree in linguistics or IT, or are you trained as a teacher? Are you up for an adventure on the cutting edge of your field? Come and work with local translators in Papua New Guinea as they analyse their own languages as a basis for Bible translation. Use your IT or teaching skills to provide essential support to translation projects in Papua New Guinea, or work alongside locals and expats looking at how well the translated Scriptures are being used. Ten-week orientation and basic language course included.

The Philippines

Interested in having a hand in getting the Scriptures out in local language communities? We’re looking for a team to come to the Philippines and work in two important domains. If you are interested in linguistics but have no prior knowledge, we will train you to help local communities produce a dictionary in their language for the very first time. If you are interested in music and worship, you could be part of the team getting God’s word off the page, into song and into people’s lives.

Burkina Faso

How’s your French? If it’s university level or better, and matched by an appetite for new experiences, our friends in Burkina Faso would love to have you come and help a local translation team. You could be involved in the production of Scripture booklets and other supporting materials that will be instrumental in making God’s word available to people groups there.

What’s the cost?

GradTeam will cost between £11,000 and £15,000 per team member, depending on location.*

Important dates

December 2018 Final deadline for applications
November 2018
–January 2019
March 2019 Training and assessment weekend
April–July 2019 Health checks, fundraising, etc
July–August 2019 Internal training and travel
August 2019 Start assignment
February 2020 Mid-year debrief, retreat and rest
June 2020 Return to the UK, final debrief


Find out more

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