Use your technical skills to support Bible translation

Technology offers exciting possibilities in the work of Bible translation. More than 300 computer and communications specialists currently serve with Wycliffe Bible Translators, but hundreds more are needed!

If we are to make it possible for all peoples to discover the Bible for themselves in their own language, this will involve nationals working in computer technology, as well as supplying expatriate staff to provide appropriate training and mentoring. Your technical skills are crucial to this task. Take a look at an example of how Adapt It software speeds the process.

Might there be a place for your skills on the Bible translation team? We need:

  • Computer centre managers
  • Computer maintenance technicians
  • Desktop publishing specialists
  • Programmer analysts
  • Project managers
  • Help-Desk managers
  • Technical writers
  • Font designers
  • Computational linguists
  • Web developers

Find out more about IT work in Bible translation worldwide through our partner organisation, JAARS.