Help support Bible translation by teaching overseas

Wycliffe offers a wide variety of opportunities for teachers and school administrators, who are always in great demand!

School environments vary dramatically, ranging in size from just a single classroom to a school with over 700 students aged 5-18. Some teachers serve on the staff of an international school used by a variety of different mission organisations. The curriculum of each school reflects the specific needs of its student body, and will depend largely on the nationalities of the students.

Wycliffe also needs teachers who would like to support expatriate families who are homeschooling their children. This often involves regular travel to spend short periods of time working with parents to advise on schooling issues. These teachers have the rare opportunity to live in different village environments as they consult with Wycliffe parents who teach their own children. Preschool teachers and nursery workers may also be needed in some locations.

Teachers must have recognised teaching qualifications from their own country. They should also have the willingness and flexibility to teach students of other cultures and nationalities.

Teaching missionary children is both challenging and satisfying, and plays a vital part in accomplishing Bible translation work.