• To monitor the security situation in South Sudan particularly as it affects locations where SIL operates. To provide information to the Administration and staff on risks.
  • To assist in the design, provision and dissemination of all entity Contingency Plans (i.e.: Crisis Preparedness/Response Plans) created to protect SIL staff and assets of a given entity and/or region.


Entity Director


  • Inform the SIL entity Director immediately upon discovery that the entity is not in compliance with SIL Int’l Crisis Management Policy.
  • Inform the SIL entity Director immediately upon discovery of information indicating the onset/change/pivotal-point of a crisis level event within or directly affecting the entity staff or assets of the entity.
  • To assist in event of a crisis, upon request of the entity Director.
  • Initiate at least yearly Risk Assessments for the SIL entity including all locations where SIL operates.
  • Lead in preparation of draft Contingency Plans for the SIL entity based on the Risk Assessment, including all aspects related to the development, dissemination, and updating of the plan as well as evaluating its effectiveness.
  • Update Risk Assessment and Contingency Plans in designated folder on "JJ" (Juba computer server) and hard copies in a Contingency folder in the Admin office.
  • Determine (in liaison with Administration) if the appropriate equipment and resources are on hand to implement Contingency Plans, particularly vehicles and emergency communication systems.
  • Research current security information from media, NGO Forum and UN security reports, personal contacts with South Sudanese, other NGOs and other sources on a daily or regular basis – to monitor the security concerns in the country and also the region.
  • Attend NGO Forum Security meetings.
  • Identify security, crime, and civil trends that would indicate an increased risk to SIL staff and/or other assets, and determine what information is necessary and appropriate to share with all staff (including in SIL compound meetings), or only the SIL entity Director. Forward weekly NGO Forum security summary and daily NGO/UN security reports which are relevant to all staff.
  • Prepare orientation materials and conduct training sessions regarding security for new staff arriving to the field.
  • Prepare security- related materials and conduct brief refresher training sessions for staff returning from long absences (six months or longer) to assure everyone has a clear understanding of the current situation.
  • Regularly distribute the information contained in the Contingency Plans to all staff and check that key individuals are aware of and capable of performing all required actions.
  • Prepare and conduct regular crisis preparedness exercises with the entity Administration and other staff as requested by the entity Director.


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