Leave a Lasting Legacy

Woman holding Bible and smiling2. Pray

Set some time aside to be with God as you consider to whom you wish to leave gifts or property, and how much you may wish to leave.

You might include:

  • family
  • spouse
  • children
  • other relatives
  • friends
  • Wycliffe Bible Translators and other charities

It won’t happen to me

Joe was a generous man. He worked hard, supported his wife and three children, gave generously to his church, to charity and friends in need. He died suddenly in a plane crash, with no will. Distributing his estate was therefore not a straightforward affair. Now his wife and children are unclear what their financial future will be, a problem they could do without as they deal with their grief. His church was dependent on his regular giving.

The things he most believed in were now in jeopardy. Throughout his life he'd prioritised providing for his family and furthering the work of the Kingdom. He'd been careful and responsible to steward the money he felt God had entrusted him with. But because Joe had put off thinking about his death, which was an uncomfortable subject for him, this was now all at risk.

Sadly Joe’s story is not unusual. Many people in the UK today, including many Christians, do not have a will when they die.

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