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Your solicitor will guide you to ensure the will is properly executed and will retain your will in a safe place if you so wish. You will then feel that peace of mind of knowing the task has been accomplished.

You should review the terms of your will from time to time, and if it needs minor changes this can be done by way of a codicil, which is witnessed and signed in the same way as a will. This will then amend the original will accordingly. You might use this to change your executors or monetary amounts for pecuniary bequests. If you want to change your will significantly this can be done by making a new will which will stand in place of the original. In drafting the new will, your solicitor will ensure this is done in a legally correct way.

If you have any questions on any matter contained in these web pages, or wish to discuss ways in which you might help the work of Bible translation and literacy through your will, our Legacy Administrator will be happy to talk with you. You can contact us by phone on 0300 303 1111 or email at askus@wycliffe.org.uk. You should consult a solicitor, accountant or other professional advisor for specific legal or tax advice. Our England and Wales charity number is 251233. Scottish charity number SC039140. Further information is available on the UK Charity Commission website, or the Scottish Charity register page.

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