Increasingly churches in the UK are reaching out to refugees, non-English speakers and victims of trauma on their own doorstep. Wycliffe has expertise in this field.

Find out about the MA in Language, Community and Development at Moorlands College, or the work of Bible Use Specialists who help people to deal with effects of trauma through using Scripture in their mother tongue.

Where can I get copies of Bibles in other languages?

We don't distribute Bibles in the UK, but we know a few people who can help:

  • Find a Bible is a web directory developed by the Forum of Bible Agencies International with links to Bibles and biblical resources
  • No Frontiers is a UK supplier of Bibles and other resources in over 100 languages
  • Scripture Earth provides links to physical and digital Bibles and other resources
  • World Bibles can help you to find Bible or New Testament translations in over 4000 languages in various formats
  • New Neighbour Bible can help you to understand more about some of the languages spoken by people arriving in the UK from other nations, and to gives links to Bibles and Bible stories available in those languages.

What about other resources and other media formats?

  • Agape offers the JESUS Film in 26 languages commonly spoken in the UK (and can order it in lots more)
  • Faith Comes by Hearing offers over 1200 free audio Bible downloads
  • Bible for Children provides printable Bible stories for children in various different languages
  • Audio and video resources are available through Global Recordings to help share the good news of Jesus Christ in every language
  • hundreds of Bibles and other resources are available from Digital Bible Society
  • The Bible is available online in over 70 languages at Bible Gateway
  • Lifewords provides free short Scripture booklets.


You can find more information about different people groups and languages, and some of the resources available in those languages, at Joshua Project.