Space on the Floor: Friends, food and Bible translation

If you’ve got space on your floor, and a few interested friends, we can arrange an informal evening to meet with someone from Wycliffe.

This doesn’t have to be a big event. The idea is to get together 6-12 people to share a different kind of meal and good conversation. Your guest speaker will share their experiences of working in a Bible translation project and answer all your questions – make them as difficult as you like! Alternatively you might like to suggest a particular topic which interests you.

Here’s what happens:

  • You find a good venue, preferably with a kitchen eg your place, a student house, a church lounge
  • Contact us, and we agree a date
  • Invite a group of approx 6–12 people (friends, others interested in mission, housemates, cell group)
  • The evening can start with a meal prepared and eaten in the style of another culture. We send some recipes to help you prepare a meal to fit the occasion.
  • After the meal, the guest speaker will address the chosen topic, respond to questions, stay up late to set the world to rights...