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Why Bible translation is so important
Watch this inspiring video to hear from people all around the world about why the work of Bible translation is so important – and about the vital role that you play on the Bible translation team.

Helen’s Story
Join Helen Cobbald as she begins serving in South Africa.

Gareth’​​​​​​​s Journey

Take a journey with singer-songwriter Gareth Davies-Jones to the heart of Ethiopia.

Follow his week as a participant in a Wycliffe workshop for the Gamo people to help them write Scripture-based songs in their language. (You can find out more about the album that Gareth wrote based on his experiences here.)

The Ripple Effects of Bible translation
Discover how the effects of Bible translation ripple out beyond Christians and churches to touch the lives of whole communities.

The Bible Banquet

Imagine you’re at a banquet but it’s not food or drink – it’s a Bible banquet.

There are 7,099 guests representing each language of the world but at one end of the table there is abundance whilst at the other there is no single verse of Scripture. How would you feel about a God who doesn’t speak your language?

Who We Are

Through the Bible, God speaks to us and grows us. The Bible brings transformation, but only if you can understand it. Right now, 1.5 billion people in the world can’t access the Bible in their language, because it hasn’t been translated yet. To them, it’s like God doesn’t speak their language. This needs to change. Pray. Give. Go.

Dobel: God’s Word is coming

Jock and Katy Hughes have dedicated 34 years of their lives to serve The Aru people of Indonesia. Working with the local community, the goal is to have the New Testament available in the local Dobel language by 2023.

Discover how God is transforming the Aru Islands of Indonesia:

The Story of the Lugwere Bible

In the Bugwere region of Uganda, the Lugwere people are celebrating the launch of their New Testament. ‘The first time I walked into church with a Lugwere Bible, I told them at the top of my voice, this is the Lugwere Bible! People stood up, clapped and shouted. Some of them didn’t know how to express it. We were experiencing the joy!’

The Story of the Lunyole Bible

In January 2017 the Banyole people of East Uganda celebrated the launch of their Lunyole language New Testament. Local translators are now working on translating the Old Testament into Lunyole.

Meet Gift and Kathryn Asiku

Here’s a great insight into what it’s like to work in Bible Translation in Uganda.


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