Wycliffe Bible Translators believes that each person matters to God and is committed to the safety, security and dignity of children and adults who are vulnerable or at risk.

Wycliffe recognises that those serving with the organisation (members, employees and volunteers) may, in the course of their service, come into occasional or regular contact with:

  • children
  • young people
  • adults with care and support needs or
  • other adults in vulnerable circumstances

It is never acceptable for anyone to experience abuse of any kind.

We respect the rights of children as described in the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child.

As an organisation we are committed to:

  • Valuing all children and adults, and ensuring their safety in all locations where we are responsible for caring for them
  • Striving for excellence in the care of those for whom we are responsible
  • Encouraging and supporting parents and carers
  • Ensuring that everyone serving with Wycliffe receives support and training in Safeguarding as appropriate to their role, and supervision where appropriate
  • Having a Safeguarding Policy and appropriate Safeguarding Procedures in place, and reviewing these on a regular basis
  • Regularly communicating to all staff the procedures for dealing with concerns about possible abuse
  • Complying with legal requirements in reporting abuse and cooperating fully with any subsequent investigations

Wycliffe’s full Safeguarding Policy is available here.

Safeguarding reporting procedures

Wycliffe is committed to the safety, security and dignity of children and adults who are vulnerable or at risk.

Any allegation or concern regarding the abuse of a child or a vulnerable adult must be treated seriously and reported as soon as possible.

A concern can arise when you observe or suspect abusive behaviour, when an allegation is made or disclosed, or where there are indicators (signs and symptoms) of suspected abuse on the victim.

Any concerns regarding safeguarding issues should be reported to our independent reporting service, Lighthouse Services:

  • Website: lighthouse-services.com/wycliffe
  • Telephone: From the UK phone 0800 890011, and on being asked which number you are calling, enter 800 603 2869. A list of freephone numbers globally is available here
  • Email: [email protected] (include our name ‘Wycliffe’ in the report).

All concerns raised will be investigated thoroughly and action taken in line with Wycliffe’s safeguarding policies and procedures.

Your confidentiality will be maintained to the fullest practical extent. The main exceptions are when the law requires disclosure, or when someone is at risk.

Safeguarding principles

Wycliffe’s Safeguarding Policy and Procedures follow the principles of outlined in the UK Care Act (2014). These are principles that underpin the safeguarding of adults:


People are supported and encouraged to make their own decisions and informed consent: ‘I am asked what I want as the outcomes from the safeguarding process and this directly inform what happens.’


It is better to take action before harm occurs: ‘I receive clear and simple information about what abuse is. I know how to recognise the signs, and I know what I can do to seek help.’


The least intrusive response appropriate to the risk presented: ‘I am sure that the professionals will work in my interest and they will only get involved as much as is necessary.’


Support and representation for those in greatest need:‘I get help and support to report abuse and neglect. I get help so that I am able to take part in the safeguarding process to the extent to which I want.’


Services offer local solutions through working closely with their communities. Communities have a part to play in preventing, detecting and reporting neglect and abuse: ‘I know that staff treat any personal and sensitive information in confidence, only sharing what is helpful and necessary. I am confident that professionals will work together and with me to get the best result for me.’


Accountability and transparency in delivering safeguarding:‘I understand the role of everyone involved in my life and so do they.’


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