My work with Wycliffe really demonstrated to me the power of a loving, prayerful workplace community.

I’m Rachel, from London, and I’m on a gap year before university. I got to know Wycliffe when I first attended the online version of Experience Wycliffe, a two-week foray into the heart of linguistics, translation and sustainable community development. It was superbly run and deeply inspiring – so much so that, on finishing, I knew that I had to get involved!

As a result, I joined Wycliffe’s Communications team for a couple of months this year and assisted on a variety of projects from editing and maintaining website content to recording survey results.

I have felt my faith strengthened in the company of other Christians

I’ve volunteered with many charities, Christian and otherwise, but the honesty, openness and friendliness I met with here has been so much more than I could have imagined.

A woman in bright clothing sings in a group, projecting her voice and lifting her hands in front of her.
I adored the ‘Singing a new song’ article (deeply inspiring and opened my eyes to an entirely new part of Scripture engagement) and the incredible story of Alopen – both will stay with me for many years to come

Admittedly, volunteering during a national lockdown posed some challenges, and I found it difficult working at home without my mornings being broken up with coffee breaks and casual socialising. However, whilst I wish I could have joined the office in person and been a ‘proper’ part of the workplace, throughout the experience I genuinely felt a real part of Wycliffe, both in my team and in the organisation as a whole.

I was stunned at the openness and vulnerability my team showed in asking for prayer

Everyone I met was full of conversation and eager to have me feel involved, and I also joined a variety of daily and weekly prayer gatherings, team meetings and even a book club on Google Chat.

In fact, I fondly remember my first prayer meeting with my team on my second day, where I was stunned at the openness and vulnerability my team showed to me and each other in asking for prayer. It made me feel quite emotional!

I’ve left with a renewed love of Wycliffe’s work and have felt my faith strengthened in the company of so many other committed Christians. I’ve got a couple years of university ahead of me now, but I can’t wait to be back.


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