A day in the life of a linguist

Rachel Robinson shares her (normal!) daily routine as a linguist in Cameroon

The word that brings freedom

The Bible – especially in the language that speaks to you best – brings freedom and affects every aspect of your life and culture.

A good language

The Kisi people get a writing system for their language.

Pandita Ramabai: Bible translation pioneer

Orphan, widow, single parent and pioneer Bible translator. Meet this remarkable woman.

‘The word is very powerful​​​​​​​’

The New Testament and Genesis in the Flame* language was launched on 18 April – celebrate with the Flame people!

Working from home

God is interested in your work life, so ask him to help you.

Hungry for God’s word

A language survey team is welcomed at three villages in Papua New Guinea.

‘A great way to grow up’

Joshua (aged 13) tells us about life in Papua New Guinea, where his parents were working when he was in primary school.

A brief history of Bible translation

Explore 2,000 years of Bible translation!

The uncertainties of life

It didn’t take me long to realise that life in Cameroon would be less certain than life back home, writes Rachel Robinson.

How to pray through the news

How can we use the news to be a light to the world around us?

The story that must be told

Meet Khalid, Shokhrat and Memyan as they encounter the gospel message in unexpected ways.

Serving God in good times and bad

‘If Bible translation was just a job, I wouldn’t have carried on when I had to run for my life.’

A heart warmed

Relationships are fundamental to the success of Bible translation. A shared interest can make all the difference.

Stories from the 2020 calendar

Find out more about the stories from this year’s free calendars.

Engaging with your Bible

If your Bible spends a lot of time on the shelf, you’re not alone. Here’s some advice about how to change that.