Weaving a beautiful translation

'Translation is like weaving a carpet; thread after thread until the beautiful patterns show,' writes Coralie, a member of the Kisun translation team in the Caucasus.

Listening to life in Chad

Harriet Robson takes you on a trip to Chad to hear people 'declaring the wonders of God in their own languages!'

A life-changing Experience

‘The camp was a meaningful holiday, motivation to get more involved in the ministry, and a kind of spiritual retreat,’ says one participant of Experience Wycliffe.

Using my time and talents for God

Tabitha*, an accountant in West Africa, shares the difference Jesus has made in her life, and why she loves serving him in this way.

A deeply rewarding role

‘Finance wasn’t the reason why I joined the organisation, but it turned out to be deeply rewarding,’ says finance worker Ruby*

Could you serve in accounting in Asia?

We’re looking for a Finance Manager to serve with our colleagues in Asia. Could that be you?

Michael’s story

‘I feel passionately that everyone deserves the chance to know the truths of the Bible for themselves...I want that to be part of my legacy.’

Learning in Lima

James Gourley is from Ballymena, Northern Ireland, and is currently studying Spanish and Portuguese at Oxford University. Read about his experience on SkillServe.

Cut to the heart

‘When we read the trade language, it’s like the words bounce off our skin, but when we hear it in our language, it cuts straight into our hearts.’

Reaching across language barriers

Many Bible college graduates are away from home for so long that they forget their mother tongue. So how can they share God's word with their people?

‘Like the blood running through my veins’

Helen, who serves with Wycliffe in South Africa, and Franci, the leader of her prayer support team, reflect on the importance of serving God together.

Why we love serving God in Nigeria

Is God calling you to serve him overseas? Have you considered Nigeria?

'God can work through anyone!'

Helen Fisher shares some of her favourite things about living and working in Nigeria, including a weekly Bible study in a women's prison.

John Wycliffe: Morning Star of the Reformation

The story of our namesake John Wycliffe: academic, theologian and Bible translator.

William Tyndale: a master translator

We stand on the shoulders of giants. Meet another giant of English Bible translation.

A journey of faith

'My dream would be that they would take the gospel somewhere else,' says Steve, who works with the Fini people.