There is one who speaks and understands every single language!

Before considering how to write the language, I needed to learn it, and it felt like being a toddler all over again.

7 things you might not know about sign languages

23 September is International Day of Sign Languages. Find out about Bible translation and sign languages.

A day full of joy

For four language groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the joint launch of their New Testaments was a day of joy.

‘It’s a privilege to see God working through people’

‘It is always rewarding to watch someone’s journey,’ says Hilary Raymond, who serves with Wycliffe in Human Resources.

Praying for Bibleless people

Can you imagine for a moment what it would be like if you didn’t have God’s word?

‘So that people can understand clearly who Jesus is’

How do you go about translating the Bible for people who prefer to listen rather than read?

‘Through my family, the work is able to progress’

‘I was really thrilled that my sister Elizabeth wanted to leave a legacy for Bible translation,’ says Jean Peters.

‘People are the most important part of Bible translation work’

‘Before I joined Wycliffe, I really did not see the difference Bible translation makes,’ says Ian, who now works with Wycliffe in HR.

Golwg gan Arfon Jones: Cyfieithu’r Beibl

Darn ymddangosodd mewn rhifyn diweddar o’n cylchgrawn dwyieithog, Wycliffe News Cymru.

In memory of Joan Richards

‘I’m looking forward to seeing some of the Waura people gathered before the throne of God’

Effaith cyfieithu’r Beibl

Darn ymddangosodd mewn rhifyn diweddar o’n cylchgrawn dwyieithog, Wycliffe News Cymru.

Proclaimers: packing a powerful message

Solar-powered digital audio players are bringing the word of God to oral-based communities, and lives are being transformed.

The story of ‘How Great Thou Art!’

Find out how the song was written, how it is changing lives today, and how you can be part of the story too.

‘I’ve really felt part of Wycliffe!’

‘I have felt my faith strengthened during my time volunteering with Wycliffe,’ says Rachel.

Resources on race, justice, culture and diversity

Helpful resources for individuals and churches on race, culture and diversity (and a bit on language)

Could you serve God with Wycliffe?

Find out about some of the people currently serving God with Wycliffe, and discover how you could play a part too.