‘We fled into the forest’

Danger can take many forms for Bible translators.

How to engage with your Bible

If your Bible spends a lot of time on the shelf, you’re not alone. Here’s some advice about how to change that.

How to pray through the news

How can we use the news to be a light to the world around us?

Healing the brokenhearted

God is using a Bible-based trauma healing course to help heal people around the world.

‘Home is worth the journey’

‘Our children see that the Bible is at the heart of our life and challenge us to live out its truth.’ Meet the Gieske family, serving with Wycliffe in Senegal.

Samuel Ajayi Crowther: translation trailblazer

Samuel Ajayi Crowther was the first African Bible translator of the modern era. Read some of his story here.

‘When the puzzle comes together’

In 2018, Helen was just about to start serving God with Wycliffe in South Africa. These were the first steps of her journey.

Early Chinese Bible translation: a tale of the unexpected

In the 7th Century, Bishop Alopen, a Christian traveller, presented his Bible to Chinese Emperor Taizong. What happened next?

‘You belong to several places at once’

Sari and David Gardner live in Romania with their four children. Sari shares some of the things they have learnt as a family.

Singing a new song

When translation isn't enough: engaging with Scripture through song.

Investing in Bible translation

Bible translators in Nigeria are seeing their communities transformed through God’s word in their own language.

The people advocate

‘Nothing is too small for God to use, if you are willing to commit it to him!’ says HR worker Maureen*.

Weaving a beautiful translation

'Translation is like weaving a carpet; thread after thread until the beautiful patterns show,' writes Coralie, a member of the Kisun translation team in the Caucasus.

Listening to life in Chad

Harriet Robson takes you on a trip to Chad to hear people 'declaring the wonders of God in their own languages!'

A life-changing Experience

‘The camp was a meaningful holiday, motivation to get more involved in the ministry, and a kind of spiritual retreat,’ says one participant of Experience Wycliffe.

Using my time and talents for God

Tabitha*, an accountant in West Africa, shares the difference Jesus has made in her life, and why she loves serving him in this way.