What is Bible storying?

An estimated two-thirds of the world learns better through stories, proverbs and songs than through the written word.

Mapping – giving Bible translators a clear picture

Meet Eva Horton, a member of the Wycliffe mapping team.

What your team has done for our Father and his kingdom

'I couldn’t believe your colleagues would spend years working on a font with the hope that Scripture might be translated into this language one day.'

Why I (still) need Bible translation

'Reading the Scripture in another language is like eating a banana with the skin on.'

Where do we start when the world is so big?

The Great Commission sometimes seems just a little too… great. So where so we start?

Planting Bible translation

‘The mango tree there, my father planted it long ago...The legacy and inheritance I’m leaving for my children is the Bible. So I’m planting Bible translation.’

What’s an endangered language?

Pandas. Elephants. Monarch butterflies. We’ve all heard of endangered species (especially the cute ones). But what about endangered languages?

God's word for the Vaglas of Ghana

Our partner organisation in Ghana celebrates their 14th complete translation!

Designing an alphabet – how do you do that?

When you're translating the Bible into a language that doesn't yet exist in written form, where do you start?

Starting from scratch: creating fonts

How do you translate the Bible into a language that uses letters completely different to our Roman alphabet?

Healing and new hope through God's word

What is trauma healing? Who needs it and why?

Doing the groundwork

Some translation teams go to great lengths to ensure their translations are as accurate as possible.

New formats for age-old cultures

Are modern technology and the traditions of old cultures in conflict? Surprisingly, they go hand in hand.

New Words for Life

We're kickstarting 2018 with a great new edition of Words for Life! Prepare to be inspired as you discover the latest news from Wycliffe.

A model that really works

The impact of Scripture listening and reading groups in Nigeria

The new look Words for Life is out now!

The new look Words for Life exploring the journey of Bible translation is out now!