How will God provide?

Are you considering serving God with Wycliffe, but worried about raising support? Take a look at some ways he's provided before.

Where can I find a Bible in my language?

Some Scripture exists in over 3,500 languages. The challenge now is where to find it!

Proclaimers: packing a powerful message

Solar-powered digital audio players are bringing the word of God to oral-based communities, and lives are being transformed.

Resources on race, justice, culture and diversity

Helpful resources for individuals and churches on race, culture and diversity (and a bit on language)

How to engage with your Bible

If your Bible spends a lot of time on the shelf, you’re not alone. Here’s some advice about how to change that.

How to pray through the news

How can we use the news to be a light to the world around us?

Healing the brokenhearted

God is using a Bible-based trauma healing course to help heal people around the world.

‘When the puzzle comes together’

In 2018, Helen was just about to start serving God with Wycliffe in South Africa. These were the first steps of her journey.

Singing a new song

When translation isn't enough: engaging with Scripture through song.

Reaching across language barriers

Many Bible college graduates are away from home for so long that they forget their mother tongue. So how can they share God's word with their people?

‘We fit together well’

Seth was facing setbacks, but God had been at work behind the scenes the whole time...

From no phones to Zoom – and everything in between

Engaging with Scripture in a technologically diverse society

The story that must be told

Meet Khalid, Shokhrat and Memyan as they encounter the gospel message in unexpected ways.

Searching for forgiveness

That’s impossible...isn’t it?

What is Bible storying?

An estimated two-thirds of the world learns better through stories, proverbs and songs than through the written word.

‘Why do Christians celebrate Christmas?’

Two members of the Aldor* Bible storying project from Southeast Asia share what Christmas means to them.