Bethany writes about her photography placement with us on our Experience Wycliffe summer camp.

When I arrived at Schloss Klaus, in Austria, I knew that this was going to be the perfect location for Experience Wycliffe. There were great views, a lot of stairs, but most importantly amazing food! This was my first time travelling out of the UK and I was excited to be able to learn more about the work of Wycliffe while surrounded by mountains and beautiful lakes. When I first saw the castle, I was so excited! It was an amazing opportunity meeting new people and fellowshipping together. We went hiking, tobogganing, canoeing and visited some places, including Salzburg. It was amazing to wake up to views of a glacier lake and mountains around me, definitely not a view that I would get at home!

Schloss Klaus in Austria is the venue for Experience

I was challenged during my time at Experience Wycliffe about the importance of Bible translation. We so often take for granted that we have a Bible in our language. Watching the videos of different people groups receiving parts of the Bible in their own language helped me to appreciate more the work of Bible translation. We also studied the book of Acts and this was a great reminder of the example that the Early Church set. The Bible studies were times of encouragement about our church and for ourselves as individuals.

Studying the book of Acts

I came to Experience Wycliffe on my Bible College placement to do photography and loved enjoying the fellowship and friendship of the new people I met. It was exciting to see what is happening in the work of Wycliffe around the world! Meeting new people and hearing their stories has encouraged me. It was so nice to be in a location where you could relax and learn more about God and how he is working through Wycliffe.

Time for exploring outdoors

Experience Wycliffe has been amazing. It was a blessing to be able to worship God and learn about his work in such a beautiful place! I would highly recommend this experience to anyone.

Take a look at our Experience video for a taster of what to expect: