One of our partners, the Ghana Institute of Linguistics, Literacy and Bible Translation (GILLBT), launched their 14th complete Bible this past April, and celebrated with a ceremony on the theme ‘the living word of God among the Vaglas’.

At Tuna in the northern region of Ghana, local leaders, residents of the town and nearby villages, teams from Wycliffe Togo and Christ Church UK (a major donor) came together with the GILLBT team to celebrate the launch of the Vagla Bible.

A local leader commended GILLBT and their donors for working to bring the word of God to all language groups in Ghana, especially to the Vagla people. He added that, the significance of translation serves as a means through which God communicates directly with his children. He acknowledged the numerous benefits the translation of the Bible into their mother tongue shall bring to his community and for which he is grateful. To his people, this is not only a religious act but one that has a cultural, social, economic, political and spiritual implication.

GILLBT Ag Executive Director, Rev Thomas Sayibu Imoro, expressed the joy the organisation shares with the Vaglas as their language joins the ranks of the 9% of languages in the world that have the complete Bible in their mother tongue. He acknowledged the sacrifice many translators have made over the years it took to complete the work. He went on to say that the completion of the Vagla Bible is not the end of the project but the beginning of their effort to fulfill the Great Commission, and challenged the community and the clergy to collaborate and promote the effective use of the Vagla Bible for the transformation of lives in the community.

Rt Rev Bishop Peter Paul Ankyere, Bishop of Damango Diocese, performed the dedication rites and declared the Vagla Bible ready for use. He explained how the Vagla Bible will help Vaglas become apostles of God.

‘This is the gift of God; with this translation, they [Vaglas] can hear the word of God, listen to God speaking, understand and live in the principles of God, for this is what will help them become apostles of God,’ proclaimed the Bishop.

This blog post is adapted from an article in GILLBT’s April newsletter.

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