Life is full of ups and downs. All of us experience frustrations and challenges as well as breakthrough and success. Often we think we have a clear picture of what success looks like, but sometimes God has a different idea.

Wycliffe is in the business of translating the Bible because we believe that the Bible is the best way for people to come to know and understand who God is.

A Bible translator in Papua New Guinea, Jonathan, had spent several mornings at Nindewari market, trying to sell Scripture books in the local language, Binandere. Imagine Jonathan’s frustration over spending all this time and only selling six books. He passionately wanted the Binandere people to read God’s word but there seemed to be little interest. Karen Weaver takes up the story:

‘He and his wife Kathy were planning to visit two Binandere villages upstream on the Gira River. Should he try to sell books there? Reluctantly he put the latest Binandere Scripture books in his backpack and carefully crossed the narrow log bridge, heading toward Kadeu village. The books he carried were a compilation of Mark, Luke, and Acts.

When he arrived at the first village, Jonathan had the opportunity to read the story of the Pharisee and the Tax Collector (Luke 18:9-14) out loud to several men who were gathered on a porch playing cards. Drawn to the words, two of the men quietly arose and began peering over his shoulder to see this book written in their language. As soon as Jonathan finished the story, one of the men announced, “I want to buy one of those books.” Just that morning the man had walked 13 miles to visit his relatives in this house and was happy to be there when Jonathan came.’

…..One by one, the Scripture books were purchased by the Binanderes.’

Read the full story on The PNG experience.

Praise God that he has opened a way for Binandere people to have portions of Scripture in their language.

Please pray:

  • For increased spiritual hunger among the Binandere people.
  • That those who bought the Scripture books will read them and that their lives will be impacted. Pray that they will share them with their families and the rest of the community.
  • Ask God to encourage Wycliffe workers around the world who are facing frustrations and challenges today. Ask him to help them seek his solution for the situation they find themselves in.

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