‘I put my trust in the Lord because we were reading his word in Dobel’

Dobel speakers like translator Eka are seeing God transform their lives through the Bible in their own language – before the New Testament has even been published!

‘My cows need rest too!’ Faith and Farming in Nigeria

From farming in God’s strength to environmental stewardship, ‘Faith and Farming is solving the problems that affect farmers.’

Praying for Bibleless people

Can you imagine for a moment what it would be like if you didn’t have God’s word?

Proclaimers: packing a powerful message

Solar-powered digital audio players are bringing the word of God to oral-based communities, and lives are being transformed.

Healing the brokenhearted

God is using a Bible-based trauma healing course to help heal people around the world.

Singing a new song

When translation isn't enough: engaging with Scripture through song.

A life-changing Experience

‘The camp was a meaningful holiday, motivation to get more involved in the ministry, and a kind of spiritual retreat,’ says one participant of Experience Wycliffe.

Cut to the heart

‘When we read the trade language, it’s like the words bounce off our skin, but when we hear it in our language, it cuts straight into our hearts.’

Reaching across language barriers

Many Bible college graduates are away from home for so long that they forget their mother tongue. So how can they share God's word with their people?

The ripple effects of Bible translation

Poverty has many faces – spiritual, economic, social, physical. Ripple effects from translating the Bible play a part in reducing them all.

‘We fit together well’

Seth was facing setbacks, but God had been at work behind the scenes the whole time...

‘The word is very powerful​​​​​​​’

The New Testament and Genesis in the Flame* language was launched on 18 April – celebrate with the Flame people!

The story that must be told

Meet Khalid, Shokhrat and Memyan as they encounter the gospel message in unexpected ways.

Come and see what the Lord has done

In August the Keliko people of South Sudan celebrated the launch of their New Testament in exile in northern Uganda.

Searching for forgiveness

That’s impossible...isn’t it?

Meeting needs I didn’t know existed

Don’t think you have to be a linguist to serve with Wycliffe! Two SkillServers share their experiences of short-term volunteering placements.