The story of Global Recordings Network

Discover how audio Bibles are making an impact around the world.

The ripple effects of Bible translation

Poverty has many faces – spiritual, economic, social, physical. Ripple effects from translating the Bible play a part in reducing them all.

The Bible changed everything

Stories from the Lenthomi Bible translation programme

God's word is at work in the wreckage

‘These Psalms are written just for us!’

An opened door opens hearts

God works in many ways to reveal his love for people – through acts of kindness, a word timely spoken, and truth from the Bible.

‘We have never heard anything like it!’

A church congregation in Cameroon hears the Easter story in their own language for the first time.

Come and see what the Lord has done

In August the Keliko people of South Sudan celebrated the launch of their New Testament in exile in northern Uganda.

Meeting needs I didn’t know existed

Don’t think you have to be a linguist to serve with Wycliffe! Two SkillServers share their experiences of short-term volunteering placements.

Why I was crying last night

'I want to tell you why I was crying last night. I had just heard them praying and reading in our language.'

From Atheism to Bible Translation

'In my homeland, sometimes people don't know where to find real love. My point of view is that it's in the Bible. God reveals that in his words.'

God's Word of Hope in Iraq and Syria

'I am sad to see my people suffer, but I am proud to be an Assyrian Christian.'

Jesus speaks through an app

At the airport Lily was detained after officials inspected her mobile phone and discovered that it contained an audio New Testament.

Hope and healing in the Middle East

The difference Bible-based trauma healing is making in the midst of the turmoil of the Middle East.

Trauma healing for refugees

How Bible-based trauma healing is being used to care for traumatised refugees in Germany.

Lunyole video

‘You really feel that God is speaking to you, because now we understand him better.’ Watch the story of the Lunyole New Testament.

Lugwere video

This video takes you through the journey behind the New Testament in Lugwere, a language in Uganda.