Do you remember when you were given your first Bible?

That smell of newly printed pages. Reading those precious words of life. Finding a passage that would stay in your heart.

Imagine being able to do those things with the Ellomwe people of Malawi when their Bible was launched! We all love celebrating when a Bible is launched, but it doesn’t just happen – there is a team behind it.

Translators are a huge part of that team, and training local people to translate God’s word is vital as we work towards a world where everyone can know Jesus through the Bible. In Nigeria, one of the key places where this happens is at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN). People like you can support students at TCNN through a special bursary fund.

It’s thanks to this fund that Pelumi Bankole has been able to get involved in Bible translation. The training Pelumi received had a huge impact, enabling her to become a teacher at TCNN:

‘As a teacher I’m trying to multiply myself into many parts. There are certain things a local translator can do that I cannot. So it’s important to train local translators so that they can do quality work.’

You can discover more of Pelumi’s story in the next edition of Words for Life magazine.

As well as providing scholarships, you can also pray for TCNN students regularly using the prayer diary in Words for Life. Students like:

  • Sandra, whose mother tongue is Eggon. She’s studying for an MA. She wants us to pray that the Lord will provide all that is needed for the Eggon Bible translation project to be completed, and that he will stir the minds of her people towards literacy.
  • Theophilus, whose mother tongue is Rigwe. He’s studying for an undergraduate degree. He asks us to pray that he’ll be well equipped in knowledge as he trains as a translator, and that he will be dedicated to the work of Bible translation.
  • Joshua, whose mother tongue is Tiv. He’s studying for an undergraduate degree. One of his prayer requests is for all TCNN students to grow as they walk with the Lord.

If you have contributed towards training bursaries for TCNN students over the years, then thank you. There are over 500 languages in Nigeria and over 300 of them are without the Bible. Your support means more people in Nigeria are able to share God’s word with those who are still waiting to know Jesus in their own languages.

  • Praise God for his provision via the bursary fund, enabling many students to study who wouldn’t have been able to without this support.
  • Pray that God will raise up young people in Nigeria to be part of the Bible translation movement and to become TCNN lecturers and professors themselves.
  • Pray that the students will discover more of God as they learn the nuances of Greek and Hebrew, and that God will use them in the work of Bible translation.


Header photo: Pelumi (centre) with some of her students. Photographer: Aaron Dakop


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