‘The Bible quenches my thirst’

Pelumi Bankole has seen God use the very obstacles in her way to confirm his plan for her.

Life after leaving

How growing up in the Central African Republic shaped my adolescence.

Keeping people safe so they can serve God

Could you serve God with Wycliffe in a security or crisis management role?

‘There is no work of God that man can destroy’

‘We have encountered all kinds of difficulties,’ says Ma’ayan*. But at every turn she has seen God at work.

There is one who speaks and understands every single language!

Before considering how to write the language, I needed to learn it, and it felt like being a toddler all over again.

A day full of joy

For four language groups in the Democratic Republic of Congo, the joint launch of their New Testaments was a day of joy.

‘It’s a privilege to see God working through people’

‘It is always rewarding to watch someone’s journey,’ says Hilary Raymond, who serves with Wycliffe in Human Resources.

‘People are the most important part of Bible translation work’

‘Before I joined Wycliffe, I really did not see the difference Bible translation makes,’ says Ian, who now works with Wycliffe in HR.

‘Through my family, the work is able to progress’

‘I was really thrilled that my sister Elizabeth wanted to leave a legacy for Bible translation,’ says Jean Peters.

‘I’ve really felt part of Wycliffe!’

‘I have felt my faith strengthened during my time volunteering with Wycliffe,’ says Rachel.

‘A tool that serves all aspects of Bible translation’

Jo Clifford writes about some of the ways digital media is helping people to discover and understand the Bible.

Taking a step

‘The delight is in being exactly where God wants you to be,’ says Gillian, who spent her career break volunteering as a speaker and prayer advocate.

The blessing of connection

How one woman has seen God at work through a translation team in Kenya and her friends in Bedfordshire.

‘A blessing and a joy to be a volunteer’

‘I’ve always felt that everybody is important to everybody else,’ says retired minister John Billett.

‘Home is worth the journey’

‘Our children see that the Bible is at the heart of our life and challenge us to live out its truth.’ Meet the Gieske family, serving with Wycliffe in Senegal.

‘When the puzzle comes together’

In 2018, Helen was just about to start serving God with Wycliffe in South Africa. These were the first steps of her journey.