Meeting needs I didn’t know existed

Don’t think you have to be a linguist to serve with Wycliffe! Two SkillServers share their experiences of short-term volunteering placements.

A lasting legacy

‘The leading of the Lord is so beautiful.’ How God led one young man to help set up Wycliffe Japan.

Can you help us share the greatest story?

Do you remember the first stories you heard about Jesus? The ones that made you realise that God was talking to you?

‘I am facing a big challenge in my ministry’

Pastor Kodjo Odah was dedicated as a child to become a Voodoo priest, but has become the pastor of a growing Ifè church in Togo.

My favourite verse

For years, Jume heard biblical truths in the local trade language Hausa, or in English. Find out about the impact of her favourite verse now she can listen to it in her own language.

An unexpected passion for Bible translation

'Is global mission a passion of yours? It was never one of mine.' Josh Oldfield shares how God unexpectedly gave him a passion for Bible translation.

A small fish

Together, Jamie, Pete and Kelsie make up the Wycliffe 2018/19 GradTeam, serving in the Philippines since September.

Now I really understand!

After many years of waiting, the word of God is finally coming to the Dobel people in their own language.

This is why the work of Wycliffe is so special

Lois recently spent a week with us on work experience. Here are some reflections she shared with us.

Experience Wycliffe

Bethany writes about her photography placement with us on Experience Wycliffe

One size does not fit all

Wycliffe member Sue writes about training literacy teachers in Cameroon.

Work experience with us

Sarah recently spent a week doing work experience in our UK office. We asked her about her time with us...

Spreading the word

A member tells us about what it's like to make radio programmes to help get the word out once the Scriptures have been translated.

Remembering Naboth

A tribute to Naboth Musa, a member of the Duya translation team in Nigeria, who sadly died in a recent accident.

Exactly what we want to be doing

Richard – who is interviewed in Words for Life Spring 2018 – tells the story about how he came to be part of Wycliffe's work encouraging engagement with the Bible in West Africa.