A member of the Duya translation team - which is part of the Koro cluster in Nigeria - Naboth Musa, sadly lost his life recently due to a tragic accident.

He joined the team last year and was a big help. Not only was he good with computers, but he also had a feel for what was natural in the Duya language. He joined the project first as a literacy teacher in his village, Memdor. He later did most of the computer work for the translation project and was keen to take the Scriptures out to the 19 Duya villages for testing this month.

Mark Gaddis, the Duya language project advisor, shared how they had really gelled as a team and spent lots of time laughing together, discussing Duya language and culture, and praying. They had also developed a week by week two-year plan to complete the rest of the New Testament, and Naboth was eager to see that happen.

Naboth (second left) with the Duya translation team

Over the last five months, the Duya team had become very excited about the plan to finish the New Testament in the next two years. They seemed to be building up more and more momentum. Due to a backlog of community testing, the team had planned to do a full month of nothing but Scripture testing.

The books of Matthew, John, Galatians, and Colossians had been recorded and distributed on SD cards. Naboth, with his clear voice, did the voice recording for all but John.

At Naboth’s funeral, Baba Duya, which means ‘father of Duya’, and who is the first and main translator on this project spoke about the recordings. He encouraged people to listen to them during their upcoming month of Scripture testing and to think of Naboth and to take up the work of translation where he’d left off.

Naboth will be greatly missed by the team and remembered as someone who loved to talk, tell stories and laugh and who seemed to really enjoy serving the Lord in Bible translation.

Praise God for all that Naboth was able to accomplish whilst he was part of the Duya translation team.

Pray for Baba Duya as he takes on more responsibility for the translation while still recovering from a stroke.

Pray that the team have the wisdom to know how to proceed and that Naboth’s recordings of Scripture will be listened to and inspire others to carry on where Naboth left off.


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