Continue to pray for the Cameroon crisis! A mishandled political problem has turned into a full-blown war. Between 160.000 to 200.000 people are displaced.*

Tens of thousands are hiding in the bush, without shelter, basic needs, food, clothing and exposed to all kinds of danger. According to a local bishop more people are dying in the bush than those who escaped the carnage.

One translation team member was shot at with several rounds in front of his home. He says, "The God whom I serve spared my life and I managed to escape."

- Pray for protection and provision for the displaced. Ask God to tend to his people hiding in the bush as he did Elijah when he was in hiding (1 Kings 17).

- Pray many seek God in the midst of this tragedy.

- Pray against more bloodshed and destruction.

- Pray for international awareness and supernatural intervention!
‘Let God arise, let His enemies be scattered, and those who hate Him shall flee before Him’ (Psalm 68:1, NASB).

*The areas most affected by the fighting are the Momo and Abakwa Oral Cluster groups.


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