Who we are

Andrew is from the US, though spent his teenage years as a missionary kid in Peru. Clare grew up in London and met Andrew after travelling to Papua New Guinea (PNG) to teach Wycliffe missionary kids. Our three children are Levi, Heidi and Eowyn.

Where we are

We live in Ukarumpa, a translation and training centre in the highlands of PNG. There are over 800 languages in this country!

What we do

We serve those who are supporting Bible translation in Papua New Guinea. Andrew is assistant manager and small engines mechanic at the Ukarumpa Autoshop. The Autoshop maintains vehicles that transport missionaries around the country, as well as supporting airstrip mowers and generators that are used in remote locations. Clare provides pastoral care to overseas workers who are facing challenges of various kinds.

It's rewarding for us to know that even though we aren't translators, our skills can still be used to support something of eternal significance: As we care for people and fix engines behind the scenes, an ever growing number of Papua New Guineans are reading and hearing God's word in their own language for the first time.

Read more about Andrew's work on his blog.